Modern evaluation methods thermal oxidative stability of reactive fuels in dynamic conditions and prospects for their development

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-2-48-51

УДК 666.753.2

Isaev A.V., Nikitin I.M., Popov V.P., Dunaev S.V., Lesin A.V., Averina N.P. (Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis Topchiev A.V. RAS, Moscow, (TIPS RAS)

Современные методы оценки термоокислительной стабильности реактивных топлив в динамических условиях и перспективы их развития

Keywords: jet fuels, thermoconstrictive stability, determination methods, spectroscopic reflectometry, laser ellipsometry.

Abstract. The article discusses methods for assessing the thermal bonding stability (TOC) of jet fuels. The importance of determining this indicator for the design and operation of modern and advanced aircraft was noted. It is indicated that the methods used for assessing TOC are indirect, which limits their accuracy and reliability. The article gives the author’s expert assessment of the correlation of the method indicators with the operational properties of fuels.

Promising areas for the development of methods for measuring the amount of deposits include modern optical research methods: spectroscopic reflectometry, laser ellipsometry, as well as direct measurement of micro-amounts of deposits on control elements.