Overview of modern multifunctional gasoline additives. Market, key components, and methods for evaluating their effectiveness.

УДК 665.7.038

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-1-4-42-53

Ershov M. A.1, Savelenko V. D.1, Shvedova N. S.1, Tokareva D. V.1, Potanin D. A.1, Khabibullin I. F.2, Klokova I. V.2

(1LLC «New Technologies Watch Center», 2 JSC « Russian National Research Institute for Oil Refinery», Moscow)

Обзор современных многофункциональных присадок к бензину. Рынок, ключевые компоненты и методы оценки их эффективности.

Keywords: multifunctional additives, cleaning additives, anti-corrosion additives, friction modifier, automobile gasoline.


The article provides an analysis of scientific and technical publications (articles and patents) on the components of multifunctional additives for gasoline, their chemistry and development companies. According to the detergent component, for the first time, based on the analysis of these documents, an integral assessment of the effectiveness of active substances on various elements of the fuel system is given. The article summarizes the current requirements for the content of detergent additives in gasoline of the leading manufacturers, provides standards and currently used methods for evaluating the effectiveness of detergent components. The issues of the market of multifunctional additives are considered by summarizing the marketing statements of the leading Russian and world oil companies, which allows us to draw conclusions about the principal component composition of additives used in commercial branded gasoline. The cost and quantitative assessment of the market of multifunctional additives and branded gasoline is given. The relevance of the topic and this review is high because it given the almost complete absence of gasoline with domestic multifunctional additives on the Russian market. The review will be useful both for specialists involved in the development and testing of multifunctional additives and branded gasoline, and for employees of oil companies (regional sales departments) responsible for promoting new branded fuels to the market.