Development of technology for producing base oil and environmentally friendly petroleum plasticizer

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-3-26-30

Zuber V. I 1, Nigmatullin V. R.2, Nigmatullin R. G.3, Perkhutkin D. A.4

(1JSC «GAZPROMNEFT-MNPZ», Moscow, 2 Ufa State Petroleum Technical University, Ufa, 3 Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Ufa, 4PJSC ANC Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim, Ufa)

Разработка технологии получения базового масла и экологически чистого нефтяного пластификатора

Keywords: polyaromatic hydrocarbons, rubber filler, rubber plasticizer, selective cleaning, base oil, dewaxing, raffinate solution, extract solution, selective solvent, oxidation stage.

Abstract. The article relates to the field of chemical technology and can be used in oil refining. The article reveals a method for producing base oils with a low sulfur content, environmentally friendly aromatic fillers and plasticizers of rubber and rubber, including selective purification of oil fractions of oil with a selective solvent, separation of the extract and raffinate solutions of the first stage, while the extract solution of the first stage is cooled, followed by separation in the settling tank of the pseudo-raffinate solution of the first stage, a raffinate solution of the first stage after solvent regeneration is dewaxed and oxidized, followed by extraction of the oxidized dewaxed oil to obtain raffinate and extract solutions of the second stage, from the raffinate solution of the second stage after solvent regeneration and subsequent adsorption or hydrotreatment, a base oil of group II with a low sulfur content is obtained, while the extract solution of the second stage is mixed with a pseudo-paraffinate solution of the first stage to obtain after solvent regeneration, an environmentally friendly aromatic filler and plasticizer of rubber and rubber with a polyaromatic hydrocarbon content of less than 2.9%.


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