Intensification of the process of obtaining basic bases as the basic components of low-curing lubricants

DOI 10.32758/2071-5951-2020-0-6-48-50

УДК 665.662

Antonov S.f., Kutsevich E.f., Matveeva A.I., Bartko R.V.

(All-Russian Research Institute for Oil Refining, Moscow)

Интенсификация процесса получения базовых основ как основных компонентов низкозастывающих смазочных материалов

Keywords: modifying additive, raffinate, dewaxed oil.


Variants of the intensification of the solvent dewaxing process, which increase the yield of base oils, are described. One of the promising ways to improve the technical and economic indicators of the dewaxing process is the use of modifying additives. The work shows that the introduction of a polymer additive requires a decrease in the filtration rate and, accordingly, an increase in the performance of the dewaxing unit. This results in a petrolatum with a reduced oil content, which is a qualifying factor for the production of high-melting ceresins, protective-wax components, and lubricants for various purposes.