Public joint stock company Slavneft-YANOS. Development history

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-5-12

УДК 66

Shmeleva t. P., Morozov A. L., Zaiko E. A., Budakhina I. S., Stanyulis V. S.

(SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC, Yaroslavl, Russia)

Публичное акционерное общество «Славнефть-ЯНОС». История развития

Keywords: oil refinery, oil, technological units, production modernization, high-quality products, innovative model of enterprise development, investment programs.

Abstract. the article reviews the stages of enterprise establishment, its modern achievements, as

well as deve-lopment prospects and plans for the modernization of production.

Currently, the public joint-stock company slavneft yaroslavnefteorgsintez (SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC; YANOS) is one of the largest oil refineries in russia. The structure of the enterprise includes main and auxiliary production. The main activity of SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC is a production of high-quality commercial oil products and petrochemicals by means of efficient processing of crude oil. the plant produces more than 40 types of products: motor gasolines and disel fuel of euro 5 standard, fuel for jet engines, a wide range of oils (industrial, turbine, compressor, base oils), bitumen (road, roofing, construction), tar, asphalt, paraffin-wax products, aromatic hydrocarbons, liquefied fuel gases and heating fuel oil. High technological level of production, the use of the latest russian and foreign achievements in the field of oil refining, continuous modernization of equipment ensure the competitiveness of SLAVNEFT-YANOS petroleum products in russian and foreign markets.