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24 JUNE 2015, Hotel National, Moscow
Dear colleagues!
We invite You to take part in the IV International conference "CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT of the petrochemical industry – 2015", which will take place on 24th June 2015, hotel national, Moscow (hall "Petrovsky"). The event is supported by the Ministry of energy.

The purpose of the event is to provide the business community a platform to discuss key issues for developing the petrochemical industry of Russia in the framework of cluster development for the period till 2030 in crisis conditions. The sanctions imposed against Russia, the fall in oil prices, the weakening of the ruble, the deterioration of credit conditions, as well as "tax maneuver" in the extraction and processing of raw resources increase the risks of implementation of the "Plan 2030".
How the implementation of this "inner jerk" in the current economic conditions?
According to the "Plan 2030" States the cluster approach to the implementation of investment projects, which determines the vertical and horizontal integration in the food chain from raw materials to end products with high added value.
Inside clusters are created enough opportunities to effectively organize the development of various types of cluster formations: industrial parks, technology parks, science parks, innovation development zones and other entities that allows for enhanced interaction between large, medium and small enterprises of gas and petrochemical industry.
Cluster development of the petrochemical industry up to 2030 will systematically solve the following questions:
- stimulating demand in the domestic market for the products of the petrochemical industry;
- the formation of pricing policies;
- receive preferential state funding;
- a solution to the issue of tax incentives;
- accelerating the delivery of solutions for construction;
- identifying sources of financing: Federal budget, regional budget, enterprises ' own funds, borrowed funds (loans, grants, etc.)
This event takes on special significance in light of the standing targets in front of the petrochemical industry of Russia for the period up to 2030 it Possible innovation development at high key rate of the Central Bank of Russia and the expensive loans? What is the impact of devaluation on the development of the petrochemical industry? "Tax maneuver" in the extraction of mineral resources to the benefit or detriment? He expects the petrochemical industry with low oil prices and prolonged economic sanctions?
These and other questions will be discussed at the conference.
To participate in the conference are invited representatives of: the office of the RF Government, RF Ministry of energy, Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of economic development, the Representation of the Governments of subjects of Federation, and also representatives of industrial companies, foreign companies, vertically integrated structures that will become the core of the generated gas and oil clusters, enterprises-processors, traders, investment companies and banks (Sberbank, VEB, VTB, Akbars, etc.), state and regional authorities, industry and academic institutions, industrial parks and special economic zones, media.
Invited companies: JSC "Bashkir chemistry", JSC "LUKOIL", OJSC "Gazprom", JSC "SIBUR holding", JSC "Rosneft", JSC "NNC", OOO "TAU Neftekhim", PJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim", UOP Sinco, JSC "STC", Bayer, BASF, Gazprom and others. The cost of participation of one delegate – 35 thousand roubles, including VAT.
When you register before June 01, 2015 – the cost of participation of one delegate per 30 thousand rubles.
More information please contact the organizers Best Regards,Conference Organizing Committee JSC "Alliance Analytics"Tel. /fax: +7 (495) 646-39-44, E-mail: org@alliance-analytics.ru; www.alliance-analytics.ru

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