Comparative assessment of the qualities of commercial and synthetic transformer oils

Сравнительная оценка качеств товарных и синтетических трансформаторных масел


УДК 621.314

R.Z. Hasanova, M.J. Ibragimova, V.A. Nagiyev, N.F. Kafarova

(Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after academician Yu.H. Mamedaliyev, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baky)

Keywords: petroleum transformer oils, ionic liquid, selective solvents, synthetic fluids

Abstract. Petroleum transformer oils previously produced in the USSR met the requirements of ГОСТ 982-80. Balakhany oil and Dossor low-paraffin oil of the Emben field were the raw materials for obtaining transformer oil. The composition of transformer oils is taken into account when choosing raw materials and their regeneration. Т-1500у – transformer oil of improved quality, is used in electrical equipment up to 500 kV and up to 750 kV. ГК oil is a hydrocracking transformer oil, used in voltages up to 1150 kV, contains ionol. Тсп is oil from West Siberian oils, used up to 220 kV. This oil is of relatively low quality, characterized by a high sulfur content, low oxidation stability, and high dielectric loss tg.

In the Institute of Petrochemical Processes of ANAS, research has been carried out on the selective purification of transformer oil distillate from Balakhany oil using a new highly effective solvent – ionic liquid (IL) – a quaternary ammonium salt of formic acid and a number of amines – morpholine, aniline or di-, triethylamines. The optimal conditions for the selective purification of the distillate have been developed. Due to the shortage of high-quality transformer oils, as well as the high cost, in recent years, oils have been imported from Sweden and Austria.

An ionic liquid as a solvent is highly selective and selective. The analysis of the extract from selective purification showed that it does not contain naphthene-paraffins, the content of aromatic hydrocarbons in the extract is 65%, and when purified with furfural it is 40.8%. The ionic liquid is environmentally friendly.