Influence of surfactants on the wettability of watered viscous oils of some fields in Azerbaijan

Влияние ПАВ на смачиваемость обводненных вязких нефтей некоторых месторождений Азербайджана


УДК 622

Yu.R. Rzayev1, M.A. Mursalova1, E.H. Ismailov2

(1Scientific and technical center «Sharg», 2Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, ANAS, Baku)

Keywords: water-cut oil, surfactants, molasses, vinasse, wettability, contact angle, fluidity.

Abstract. The results of comparative experimental studies of the effect of various widely used surfactants, as well as sugar refinery waste — after yeast molasses and vinasse on the wettability of the interaction surface during the in-field pipeline transport of oils from fields in the southern region of Azerbaijan and can be successfully used, especially in winter, to regulate fluidity highly emulsion and low solidifying oils. It is shown that the addition of the considered reagents leads to an increase in the contact angle cosine. The effect of the proposed reagents on the fluidity of oil samples with bound and free water, the composition of aqueous solutions of various reagents, as well as the pH of solutions of these reagents on the fluidity of oil samples has been evaluated.