Multifunctional alkylphenolate additives to motor oils

DOI 10.32758/2071-5951-2020-0-6-52-55

УДК 665.765

Kazimzadeh A.K., Nagiyeva E.A., Mammadyarova Kh.N., Gadirov A.A., Rzayeva I.A.

(Institute of Chemistry of Additives after acad. A.M. Guliyev of Azerbaijan NAS, Baku)

Многофункциональные алкилфенолятные присадки к моторным маслам

Key words: alkylphenol, formaldehyde, sodium-sulphide, condensation, corrosion, antioxidant properties, multifunctional additive.


Sulphur-containing multifunctional additives 144 and 144d were synthesized and investigated, which are the calcium salt of the condensation product of alkylphenol with formaldehyde and sodium sulphide.

It was found that synthesized additives for their antioxidative and anticorrosive properties surpass the marketable analogues ЦИАТИМ-339 and ИXП-101. The mechanism of antioxidant action of additives AKİ-144 and AKİ-144d in comparison with the industrial antioxidant Agidol-1 was also studied under simulative conditions. Comparative studies have shown that for antioxidant properties the synthesized additives are higher than Agidol-1.