A study of thermal and antiwear properties of the oil compositions involving a condensed alkylphenol detergent additive

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-3-22-25

Medzhibovskiy A.S.1 Kolokolnikov A.S.2, Zibrova S.N.2 (1Qualitet Group,  2LLC Qualitet, Moscow)E-mail: lab73.qualitet@yandex.ru

A study of thermal and antiwear properties of the oil compositions involving a condensed alkylphenol detergent additive

Keywords:oils’ thermal and antiwear properties, phenate additives.

Abstract.The current paper presents further studies of the oils’ operational properties (detergent properties mostly) of those oils which contain a highly alkaline condensed alkylphenol detergent additive. In this text thermal and antiwear properties of oils containing various detergents were discussed.

Thermal properties of different oil compositions were evaluated when heated in a Q-derivatograph (under a dynamic mode). Weight loss of the oil sample due to its evaporation and the temperature of the end of evaporation were estimated. It was revealed that the most stable is sample 3, containing K-38 additive. This sample had the highest evaporation start temperature (275°C compared to 269, 286, 262°C of the samples 4,1,2 respectively) as well as the highest end of evaporation temperature (579°C compared to 558°C (samples 1 and 4) and 555°C of sample 2). The antiwear properties were studied on a friction machine (roller-block type). The test results have shown a high efficiency of the oils containing a new highly alkaline K-38 additive.


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