Study of the composition and environmental aspects of the use of pyrolysis distillate of the Ustyurt gas chemical complex

Бензиновый дистиллят пиролиза углеводородного сырья Устюртского газохимического комплекса


УДК 665.5

M.N. Tsukanov 1, V.M. Kapustin 2.3, M.J. Makhmudov1, R.V. Khakimov 2, M.A. Kutin 2

(1Bukhara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bukhara;2National University of Oil and Gas «Gubkin University», Moscow; 3Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow)

Keywords: hydrocarbon crude pyrolysis naphtha, automobile gasoline, pyrolysis, polyethylene, polypropylene, cryoscopy.

Abstract. The development of technologically efficient and economical methods of using liquid pyrolysis products is a task of current interest. Despite the apparent variety of developments, the proposed methods are reduced either to obtaining a set of fractions, which are subsequently used as technical products, or to obtaining a wide range of individual compounds.

The complexity and wastelessness of oil refining and petrochemistry, which has become especially acute due to the increasing negative impact of human activities on the environment, provides for the complete utilization of all material flows with the maximum extraction of useful components, the use of technologies, catalysts and reagents that exclude the formation of harmful emissions and waste.

Currently, one of the most common methods for producing lower olefins (ethylene, propylene, butylenes) is the pyrolysis of hydrocarbons of various origins (gas, straight-run gasoline, a broad fraction of light hydrocarbons, etc.).

A set of classical and modern research methods was used in the work, which makes it possible to determine the physical, physicochemical characteristics, functional composition, to study the processes occurring in the initial oil and gas products and in the pyrolysis distillate subjected to various refining processes, in particular, dearomatization, and also to establish chemical compositions, structure, chemical nature and their stability. The article presents the results of analyzes to determine the physicochemical characteristics of naphtha obtained via pyrolysis of the Ustyurt gas chemical complex and the results of research on the use of pyrolysis naphtha as motor gasoline.