Study of phosphorus-containing compounds as anti-seize and anti-wear additives for transmission and engine oils

Исследование фосфорсодержащих соединений как противозадирных и противоизносных присадок к трансмиссионным и моторным маслам


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N.N. Novotrozhina, Yu.B. Ramazanova, G.A. Gakhramanova, B.I. Musayeva, M.R. Safarova, I.P. Ismayilov

(Academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of NAS Azerbaijan, Baku)

Keywords: dithiophosphates, anti-seize and anti-wear additives, lubricating properties, functional groups.

Abstract. Dithiophosphoric acid esters containing various functional groups have been synthesized. On the basis of allyloxybenzyl- and allyloxymethylbenzylchlorides, as well as sodium diisopropyldithiophosphate, allyloxybenzyl- and allyloxymethylbenzyldialkyldithiophosphates were obtained, respectively. 5-methyl-2-hydroxyphenylcarbonylmethyldiisopropyldithiophosphate was synthesized by the interaction of 5-methyl-2-hydroxy-chloroacetophenone and sodium diisopropyldithiophosphate. The synthesized compounds were studied as anti-wear and anti-seize additives for lubricating oils. Were also investigated their thermo-oxidative and anticorrosive properties. It was found that all synthesized compounds provide an improvement in the anti-wear and anti-seize properties of petroleum oils, and the efficiency depends on the presence of certain functional groups in the molecules of additives.